John Findlater

I am the sort of guy who went almost nowhere for the first half of my life. Now I am the guy who goes everywhere! Sure, I traveled all over Michigan and visited Florida over and over to see my family. However, after my first trip to Italy in 1997, my life would never be the same!

At this point, I have led over fifty groups all over Europe from the heathers of Scotland to the banks of Russia's Volga. And I cannot get enough!

My life has been rich at every turn. In addition to gathering groups for exciting travel adventures, I have had the privilege of teaching children in Catholic schools from primary through middle and high school. I have been principal of both Catholic grade and high schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit and now travel the country offering in-service workshops for Catholic school teacher, principal and parent groups. I have provided these workshops now in forty-five states from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

And on the weekends, I have served as director of music at several Detroit area parishes for over forty years. What a delight to combine my love of music and teaching with my determination to see the world!

We live in such an amazing world and there is so much to see. Destinations such as Italy and England and Russia and Greece cannot be experienced rightly through picture books and films. There is simply no substitute for actually being there!

Don't wait. Travel!
See the world that awaits us!

John Findlater
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