Our hotels are first class. You can purchase more expensive trips and stay at Ritz Carltons. And you can
opt for cheaper trips and stay at Motel 6 equivalents. That is entirely your choice. We select hotels that
are very comfortable, well-located and always with dining rooms and complete bar service. Think "downtown
Holiday Inns or Courtyard Marriotts"...


European hotel rooms tend to be smaller than those we expect in the United States. However, they are
very comfortable and offer all the regular amenities that stateside hotels provide such as shampoo and
hairdryers. Rooms are usually offered as "doubles" for two people; however, a limited number of
single rooms are available on each trip. If you select a single room, a supplement will apply as detailed in
the trip brochure.


We eat all breakfasts in our hotel dining room and these are included in the price of the trip. Lunches are always
paid for on our own since we have discovered there is a wide range of appetites for the midday meal:
some travelers like lots of food and others are happy with something very light. Dinners are most often together and
included in the tour price. On each trip, we reserve a few evenings for dinners on our own so we can better
experience the local cuisine. Cities like Rome and London and Paris and Madrid are brimming with
grand culinary options!


Our guides are superb! In over fifty European group trips, we have yet to encounter a "poor" guide. They
amaze us with their knowledge and command of languages -- and often, their patience! They are expert
at organizing and facilitating pleasurable and productive group travel. More often than not, our guide transforms
from leader to friend over the course of our adventure!


Our airfare and all government taxes and airline fuel surcharges are included in the price of the trip. We fly only
on regularly scheduled commercial flights offered by major airlines. No charter airlines are employed.


The motor coaches we use are up-to-date and first class. Our drivers are professional and very experienced.
On most itineraries, the same motor coach driver is with us for the bulk of the trip, so he gets to know us as
we come to know him. This interaction makes for an even easier and more relaxing travel time.


Hotel porters are engaged to deliver your main luggage to your room at every hotel. Upon our departure,
we simply leave our main bag in the hallway outside our door and the porters deliver back to our coach.
You never have to drag heavy bags up and down elevators on your own. Each traveler is allowed one
large suitcase not to exceed 50 lbs (airline regulations) as well as another carry-on bag that each
traveler carries on his or her own.


Unless you choose to backpack your way in Europe and reside in hostels as you go, there is not
a more cost-effective way to explore Europe than through group travel. The travel company we use
is able to obtain airfare at rock-bottom prices unavailable to us as individual travelers. Group reservations
at hotels gives us access to accommodations that would be much more expensive to us as lone
voyagers. Such economies allow us more money for future travel...and the possibility of some very
nice gifts to bring home as memories of our adventure! In short, those who take advantage of group
travel are smart shoppers!


When you receive a travel brochure from us, that material will include a reservation form. Important note!
The advantages of group travel depend on EARLY RESERVATIONS. Many trips fill up quite quickly. ALL
trips close as airlines book their flights in advance. So if you see a trip you want, it is to YOUR ADVANTAGE
to book early and avoid disappointment. We highly urge you to take a trip insurance policy. This policy will
cover you in the case of circumstances that might arise later preventing you from taking the trip.


We are here to assist you with any questions you might have. We have done this many times. If you have a
question which we cannot answer right away for you, we will find the answer and get back to you. Before we leave,
we will send you lots of information on everything from currencies to weather to water. We want
your travel experience to be seamless: enjoyable, exciting and memorable. Many people have traveled with
us over and over again...and we have made many, many wonderful friends along the way!